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We are happy to announce that we significantly increase the rate for investors:
from 7500 to 120000 in Phase 1
from 6250 to 100000 in Phase 2
from 5000 to 80000 in Phase 3
Which is 16 times more. The supply stays the same – 500 000 000 TBT.
For the bounty campaign, we will release our emergency supply which 10 000 000 TBT and the 5 000 000 TBT from the marketing supply. In total 20 000 000 TBT (4% of the whole supply).

The ETH address is already changed. For all the investors already purchased at the previous rates will be compensated immediately after the new rates are applied! Bounty subscribers will also transition to the new rates accordingly.

By giving this opportunity to the investors we are going to reduce the HARD CAP of the crowdsale from 50000 ETH to 3000 ETH.

We want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of our community.

Best regards, TradeBit Team.