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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TradeBit?
TradeBit is platform&nbsp;design to manage your cryptocurrencies with ease. We developed it to combine all the necessary features&nbsp;like sell, trade, and exchange with fiat money. We want to ease the everyday life of cryptocurrencies&nbsp;user.<br>
How does it work?

We already developed the MVP which can be downloaded from the app store and now we are expanding our platform features according to our roadmap.

How do I use TradeBit Platform?

You can use our platform at the moment on your mobile phone (IOS, Android). We are looking forward to releasing a web interface also.

Why our exchange will be better?
<p>Our exchange will offer all top 200 currencies for trade, which no one else is offering at the moment. This causes at the moment users to transfer their cryptocurrencies around and pay an enormous amount of fees.</p>
How do I get TB token?

You can get TB token during the ICO and after that, you can get it from exchanges. Also, we have a bounty program for early supporters and marketing bounty for exclusive campaigns in advertising the project.

Where I can store my TB tokens?

As TBT is a standard ERC20 token, you can store it in every Ethereum (ERC20) compatible address. We recommend using MyEtherWallet if you want an online solution although the best is an offline wallet or even hardware or paper one.

Why do I need TBT tokens?

You will need TBT tokens to unlock the full potential and functionality of our platform. You will get trading signals portfolio insight and many more useful features.