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We are aiming to provide the best tools for crypto investors and traders.

Available on App Store and Google Play


Portfolio Summary

Summary of your portfolio balance and profit/loss for 24 hours.

Coins Overview and Details

See the current price for a coin, also the 24h market data, holding details and transaction history.


Great analytical tools for watching the market trends including price and pie chart for diversification of you portfolio holdings.


Be informed for the latest events in the cryptocurrency world.

Exchange Tracking

Keep your portfolio updated with exchange tracking features.

Portfolio Sync and Backup

Sync across multiple devices and platforms. Backup your portfolio in various formats.


Alarm you for price changes, investment insights, very important news and critical market events.

Private Wallet Monitoring

Monitor your private wallets and mining pools accounts.


Allow user to trade cryptocurrency within the apps.


Cover more platforms: Web, Smartwatches, Desktop

Continuous Development

TradeBit tools are constantly being improved and developed. Feedback is appreciated!


TradeBit Weekly Summary

It was again an amazing week for TradeBit's team and the project. Here are some main events that took place this week. Android Version: Automated Portfolio tracking feature was released in stable version for Android We have added the support for HitBTC, Poloniex and...

TradeBit’s Weekly summary!

It was an intense week here for TradeBit team and we want to share with you weekly summary and progress: We launched successfully our ICO, which is still ongoing. Current bonus rate is +50% so we suggest taking better positions as soon as possible. We released first...

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